Name of Club.

Since 1903 the full name of the club had been The Jesselton Sports Club. But more often than not it was referred to simply as The.Sports Club. But with the name of the Capital of Sabah changed from Jesselton to Kota Kinabalu the General Committee of the club decided to call an E.G.M. on Sunday 23 June 1968 at 12:30 pm To consider a motion proposed by H. Porter and seconded by B.R. Lowe ‘That subsequent upon the name of The Capital of the state of Sabah being now Kota Kinabalu, This club shall be called The Sports Club, Kota Kinabalu, and that the word JesseIton appearing in The rules of this club numbers 7(ii), 9 and 11, (i) and (iii) shall be deemed to now read, Kota Kinabalu’. The motion was passed unanimously by a quorum of 20 members as provided in the club rules.

The name of the club on the land title Jesselton Lease No. 15312 was also changed from The JesseIton Sports Club to the Sports Club Kota Kinabalu on 13 October 1969.

A few years later the members feIt that the name Spors Club was no longer appropriate as the club no longer involved in sports. It was felt that a change of name to The Kinabalu Club or Kelab Kinabalu would be appropriate in view of the amenities and facilities the club was able to provide to its members. An E.G.M. was called on 15 October 1974 at 5:00 pm and The members approved the change of name to ‘The Kinabalu Club’. The change of name on the land title now Kota Kinabalu ease No. 017521390 was registered on 8 April 1975.

At the A.G.M. on 27 February 1980 it was proposed by J.B. Meyer and seconded by Ivan Bell that in Rule 1 the name ‘The Kinabalu Club’ be deIeted and ‘Kelab Kota Kinabalu’ be substituted there with to be in line with the Government nafional language policy and with the inclusion of Kota The name of The club would have 3 Ks (K.K.K.) which could form the basis of a new club logo. Lucky for the club the motion was defeafed with 13 against and 9 for.