As billiards was the first indoor games to be introduced by the club after its establishment, snooker another game played on the same table has become a prominent indoor game in the club a century later.

A series of snooker tournaments have been introduced by the club. The snooker singles championship was revived in 1978 and was held in August that year. Tournament for doubles was added in 1989. The Inter-Club Triangle Snooker Competition between Kinabalu Club, S.G.C.C. and K.G.C. was started in 1988. The Kinabalu Club Trophy Snooker Tournament was inaugurated in 1989. The Sabah Closed Snooker Competition with a handsome trophy donated by Datuk Seri Panglima Fred Jinu which was started in 2000 is now the biggest snooker tournament in Sabah.

The club was also very privileged to have sponsored the formation of the Sabah Snooker and Billiards Association in 2000. No other club in Sabah has done more to promote snooker than The Kinabalu Club. The club has become the centre of excellence for snooker in Sabah.