Swimming Pool.

The idea of a swimming pool in the club was first discussed in September 1968. By November that year an estimate of $11,000.00 was received and a sub-committee was appointed to investigate further. But nothing was done. ln 1990 Dunlop had a demonstration pool which would cost only $2,000.00 The pool was brought to the club on 20 November 197O for demonstration. The club bought the pool in January 1971. This was the first and only swimming pool acquired by the club. Three years later the club sold the pool for $200.00.

The proposal to construct a swimming pool was brought up in March 1980; in May 1986; in March 1989; in March 1990, and for the final and last time at the A.G.M. in 1999. On every occasion the decision was to defer the matter.