The Jesselton Players.

The Jesselton Players

The activities of the Jesselton Players were very much an integral part of the activities of the club. Regular production became something that not just club members but members of the general public in town eagerly looked forward to. The following productions were staged:-

The relationship between the club and the Jesselton Players had its ups and downs. There were always the questions of finance, non members using club facilities, prices of drinks etc. The theatre eventually was partly converted to a gymnasium and the activities of the Jesselton Players were held in abeyance at the end of 1979.


‘The 13th Club’

This was a ‘club within a club’. Members dinned regularly and monthly on the 13th day each month. It started on 13th June 1967 and the final dinner was held on 13 February 1970. Thereafter the practise disappeared.